Understanding our clients

Moving from London

You are looking for more space and a lifestyle change but want to be in easy reach of London for work or social reasons. You know that this area has excellent schools, a good commute and you can upsize to a larger house with a good sized garden. However, the housing market is competitive and you may keep missing out on the best homes. You want access to the off market properties and are fed up with wasted trips to view unsuitable houses.

Moving from abroad

You are a returning expat or a foreign national and have little or no experience of the UK housing market and orchestrating a move from overseas is overwhelming.  You want detailed and bespoke information that cannot be gained from online searches alone. You require full video viewings, comprehensive advice on all matters related to your move and access to all our local professional contacts so that you can hit the ground running when you move back.

Far from home

While you may have rented in the UK for a while you only have experience of buying a house in your native country.  You don’t have a large network in the UK  and limited knowledge of the areas outside of London.  You want a professional who can give you a crash course in the UK house buying and schooling systems, a local insight into the areas that will work best for you, and access to excellent local contacts.

Urgent rental

You have sold your current house but have not found anywhere to buy. You are under pressure to make the move due to school commitments or because your chain will collapse if you don’t complete by a fixed date. You don’t want to panic buy a house and make a mistake that you will regret.  You want a good quality rental that provides you with the breathing space to take up your search again when you are under less pressure.


You know exactly where you want to live as you’ve lived in the area for years but you want to get the heads up on all the off market and discreet properties so you don’t have to compete against other buyers. You travel abroad regularly, have a busy life and want to enjoy your retirement without having to commit the time and effort required to find your next home.

House hunting alone

You may be moving for the first time since a bereavement or a separation and want a professional to be on hand at all times to support and guide you through the process.  This move is an emotional journey for you and you want to work with a kind and empathetic team that make sure that you are the first to get through the door of the most sought after houses.