Professional property search, sourcing the very best family homes across Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex

What we do

We are a property search company that works with private clients to find them their next home.  Unlike an estate agent, who acts on behalf of the seller, we act on your behalf and represent your interests throughout the process to help you secure your dream house for the very best price.

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Why Us

We are an enthusiastic and positive team to have on your side during this important purchase.

Having made the move to the country ourselves with our own families, we appreciate that your move is about more than just finding the right house.  It’s also about a workable commute, the best schools and the perfect location.

Living and breathing the local area means we have excellent working relationships with local estate agents.  We also get to hear about houses being marketed ‘discretely’ or ‘privately’ and ensure that we get you through the door before anyone else.


We can help find your perfect family home.


“I wouldn’t buy property without Maranda and Jen…”

Our clients tell us that our local knowledge is invaluable in helping them to choose the right area for them to focus their search on.  They also appreciate how we think ‘outside the box’ and introduce them to areas they hadn’t previously considered, or help them unearth the potential in houses that they might otherwise have dismissed.

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