• As a working couple with 2 kids at nursery in Balham, Maranda and Jen were worth every penny and more. They took time to get to know us, our needs and even have us a guided tour of potential villages and towns. They not only did a lot of the legwork when it came to finding a shortlist, but they were super responsive and more importantly, sage advisors when it came to making decisions. Over and above that, two things that really stood out for us: 1. Deep knowledge of areas with the best schools and transportation links which was a massive help 2. Helping us to envisage the potential to add value to and remodel properties. Which is useful because, let’s face it, Surrey is comparatively expensive. Having been there and done it themselves, they really can empathise with anyone trying to make the move from London. We couldn’t recommend them more highly.

    Nader & Emma
  • We couldn’t have had a smoother relocation from London to Surrey without the invaluable help from Maranda and Jen. They have been incredibly supportive throughout our preparation to move to Surrey, so well organised to find the best properties to fit our criteria. They spent time to understand our lifestyle and what we were looking for from our move to Surrey. They took everything on board and they came back with a wide range of beautiful properties for us to visit. We are so happy at the place Maranda and Jen found for us, there hasn’t been a day we do not acknowledge their tireless efforts to find the “perfect” house for our family. We cannot recommend Property Potential highly enough. Thank you Maranda & Jen, you have been amazing!

    Michail and Sofia
  • I can’t recommend Jen and Maranda’s services enough. After our initial meeting it became very clear that for me to try and make the move from North London to Surrey I would need their help. I did an orientation day with them which was incredibly useful to suss out and try and narrow down our search area. As well as understand the schools, surrounding villages and the stations that would be work for a daily commute to London. Since then they have been able to connect me with friends of theirs with children in the schools I am interested in to get the inside track! Overall it has been great and whether we go down the rental or sales route I know that I will be doing it only with their help. THANK YOU

    Vicky & Simon
  • I used Property Potential on the recommendation of a friend. Not being able to dedicate lots of time to house hunting was the main reason, as well as utilizing local knowledge, to identify properties that were off the market. Within weeks we had found the right house and were able to view before anyone else and subsequently complete the purchase. We saw a number of similar properties and it was clear that Property Potential did indeed have a close 'ear to the ground', in terms of what was happening in the areas we were interested in, where there is competition for housing stock.

    Jason & Natasha
  • We initially met Maranda and Jen with a view to just taking advantage of their orientation tour. We found their local knowledge, helpfulness and honesty really useful and went on to ask them to help us with our purchase. We’re delighted that we did so - they provided a huge amount of assistance in agreeing our purchase price and have been on hand whenever needed to discuss surveys, schools, local nurseries…you name it! They have helped to make a usually stressful process much less so.

    Gillian & James
  • Maranda and Jen have been utterly amazing.  Their local knowledge meant we had access to information we wouldn't have appreciated otherwise, which made our house visits less speculative and more meaningful. Doubled with their thorough understanding of the type of property we were looking for, their guidance proved invaluable.  A delight to work with, we would absolutely recommend their services.

  • After years and years of living in London, we decided to take the plunge and put our house on the market and move down to Surrey. As soon as we met Maranda and Jen, we knew that our decision would be made considerably easier with them on board. I lost count of the amount of houses they viewed for us and they only advised us to come and have a look at something, if they thought a house was a real possibility. We also did a local tour and looked at a wide range of villages and towns that would fit our criteria, which completely focused our minds on where we wanted to live. Each time we visited a place, they always knew someone who lived there, the low down on schools, what the nursery is like, and whether there is a strong community.  We have no hesitation in recommending Maranda and Jen. If you are living in London, with a young family and are considering the move down to Surrey, they are definitely the right people to call.

    Claire & Miles
  • Moving back to the UK having been abroad for five years was a daunting experience but Maranda and Jen helped make the tranisition as seamless as smooth as possible for us.  They found us a great family home in a village close to Guildford and our children are happily settled in the village school.  We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others making the move to Surrey

    James & Sarah
  • Maranda and Jen’s knowledge of the area was impeccable, they know every village, someone with a child in most schools and nurseries, they even put me in touch with a mother at the school we were looking at for our children, so that I could ask them what I needed to know. We absolutely love the house they found for us. We'd never have found it on our own as it wasn't yet on the market and in a village we had never heard of. Maranda and Jen are so nice and helpful, it made the whole move so much easier.

    Lucy & Will
  • The girls were impeccably organised. They gave us thorough debriefs on every property they viewed on our behalf and most importantly knew instinctively if a property was going to work for us.

    Erin & Guy
  • Maranda and Jen are the perfect team and we highly recommend Property Potential if you are looking for a property and haven’t quite found the right place. We met with a few property finders and their personal approach combined with their local knowledge made them the right choice. We were very vague in our search but they managed to extract the information they knew was needed in order to narrow down our search area and find us the perfect house in the perfect location. Their advice was invaluable and their local knowledge fantastic.

    Miriam & Simon
  • From day one Maranda and Jen were fully focussed and scoured the countryside giving me detailed reports, phone calls, photos and within two weeks had narrowed down my absolutely vital requirements.  So much so, that I only had to view one house to find it was literally perfect and within my price range.  I would highly recommend them both.  They are an excellent combination of what is needed for the tough challenge of finding the perfect home. They were brilliant!

  • Would not buy property without Maranda and Jen. What a wonderful service. Just 9 weeks between starting our search and completing. They made it so easy for us - even when viewing properties with young children in tow. Great reports on each property and secured our family home for us despite the competition. Highly recommended!

    Sonya & Mark
  • We can’t thank Maranda and Jen enough for all their help in finding us the perfect home to rent in Godalming. They really listened to what we were looking for and would look at places and then not waste our time, if they thought it was not what we had in mind. We were also not the easiest of clients, with circumstances changing and not been able to commit to properties and then having to put pressure on them, when we had run out of time. They always dealt with us in a calm and caring manner and we really felt they had our best interests at heart.  They really did find a home for us that ticked every box and more. We would highly recommend them and their services.

    Abagail & Paul