Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted (General Montgomery)

You’ve decided to move out of London, you know where you think you want to live, you may even be moving back to where you grew up, so you put an obligatory weekend aside, and with map in hand you do a ‘drive around’.

Trouble is by the time you get home, not helped by the kids in the back of the car who got fed up somewhere between leaving the house and the first traffic lights, you are actually more confused.

The choice seems vast – there are lots of nice places, plenty of idyllic villages and houses that you could picture yourself living in. What’s more, you have no idea how the whole, nursery/ school/ commute logistics are going to play out.

It can seem overwhelming. How do we know? We did it ourselves a couple of years back. What you really need is someone who knows the area to guide you around. So here at Property Potential we’ve created an ‘orientation tour’ that is packed full of all the information we wished had been available to us when we made the move.

Why an orientation tour is worth it…..

1. You get to sit back and relax and we will create a bespoke tour for you according to all the information we have from you on your needs, so that you can just look around and not worry about the directions!

2. We know the area inside out. In fact we probably know someone who lives in most of the villages in the area – so as we approach a village/ town you can ask us anything you want, from what’s the local school like, which station would you commute from, where would you grocery shop, what’s there to do with little ones and, most importantly for some, is the local pub any good? We can discuss it there and then rather than you forgetting to Google it later on.

3. We don’t stick to the main roads, so we can open your eyes to places you may not have come across on your own and introduce you to areas we know will suit your needs and that you may never have heard of.

4. What about those all important stops to take in what you’ve seen? We take you to where the locals go, to the pubs and cafes that serve a decent cup of coffee and a lovely lunch, so you can enjoy this break and not end up in the first place you see in desperation (like we did when we did it all those years ago!)

5. If you’ve set your heart on the area already, we can combine the tour with a few viewings of some properties we’ve selected for you, so that you can get a real feel for what’s available in your price range.

If you are interested in an orientation tour, don’t hesitate to contact us. Email:hello@propertypotentialsurrey.co.uk